Priced Decision

Japanese automobiles enter the Chinese market and adopt competitive infiltration of low prices in pricing. In short, its goal is not to obtain high profits per unit product, but to quickly attack the market, obtain a certain amount of market share, and establish a long-term market dominance. In order to enter the market and win over potential customers, the price set by the company is much lower than that of its competitors. The recent loss of profits is regarded as an investment in the development of a long-term broad market. With the expansion of market share, the increase of stimulating effective demand and the reduction of unit cost, even if the price remains unchanged, it can ensure a relatively stable total profit in the long run.

Distribution and Channel

On the basis of detailed analysis of competitors, Toyota chose a set of aggressive distribution strategies to ensure that their products can enter the target market unimpeded and complete the thrilling leap from production to consumption.square steel tubing for sale

1 Provide good maintenance and after-sales service, and establish a wide range of service outlets before launching each sales offensive. Provide enough spare parts to build a solid support point for sales success.

2 Choose the key sales market and concentrate all sales forces to attack the target market. After penetrating into the key market, then seize the next target market.

3 Strict selection of agents, first-class goods must be sold by first-class businesses. The agents chosen should be intermediaries and retailers with strong capital, high reputation, rich marketing experience and customers’ preference for imported goods.

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